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Recently, scientists have developed a new method for producing molecules of medicines, in which the ‘chemputer’ capable of preparing programs to download organic chemicals easily and reliably for synthesizing The blueprint that can be used is used.

key points

  • This research, published in the journal Science, first demonstrates how the synthesis of important drug molecules can be obtained in an economical and modular chemical-robotic system, which is called a computer.
  • While recent progress in chemical production has allowed automated systems to produce some chemical compounds at the laboratory level, but computers have been supported by a new universal and interactive standard for writing and sharing chemical formulas. .
  • Researchers said that it was a key to developing a common concept for chemistry that could be operated by universal, practical and computer programs.
  • Scientists named the ‘Kempillar’ for those chemical sources that run on computer programs. These campellers give instructions to the computer how to produce demand-compatible molecules in a more economical and secure manner than ever before. 
  • Researchers claim that this ability to use a universal code will allow chemists from around the world to convert their chemical formulations into digital codes.
  • This will allow people to share and download chemical sources similar to downloading music on iTunes or Spottifi.
  • According to Professor Lee Cronin of Glasgow University, “This approach is an important step in the digitization of chemistry and will allow universal assembly of complex molecules according to demand and using a simple software app and modular computer to discover and build new molecules Will make the capability of the person complete. “
  • Cronin said, “Through a compact computer system, medical professionals in remote parts of the world can be allowed to make life-saving medicines at the time of need, by making chemical formulas accessible and synthesized online for medicines.”
  • Researchers said that the potential applications of this system are very high and we are very excited to move towards this revolutionary new approach to biological chemistry.
Source: The Hindu Business Line


Recently, the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has estimated that due to the influence of Al-Nino in the Pacific Ocean, winter season in India can be hot for a second consecutive year. .

key points

  • IMD estimates that a short-term weak al-Nino may grow in February 2019 i.e. at the end of winter.
  • This estimate has been published in IMD’s ‘Seasonal Outlook for Temperatures’.
  • It is notable that from the year 2016, IMD issues ‘Seasonal Outlook for Temperature’ for summer and winter season.
  • These predictions are based on predictions of monsoon mission coupled forecasting system (MMCFS).

Indian Meteorological Department (IMD)

  • IMD was established in the year 1875.
  • It is an agency of the Ministry of Earth Science-MoES of the Government of India.
  • It is the leading agency responsible for weather observation, weather forecasting and earthquake science.

El Nino

  • The phenomenon of warming the coast of Peru near Peru in the Pacific Ocean is called Al-Nino. The increase in the temperature of the Pacific Ocean stream around Christmas annually was called al-Nino by sea fishermen in western coastal countries of Peru and Ecuador in South America.
  • The term is currently used in the tropical region for the abnormal increase in the surface temperature of central and eastern Pacific oceans at some intervals and as a consequence of the worldwide effect.
  • La-Nina is also a maritime event that determines the trend of monsoon. This phenomenon usually occurs after the Al-Nino. It is noteworthy that the temperature of the ocean surface increases very much in Al-Nino, while the temperature of the sea surface in La Nina becomes very low.

Most affected areas from Al-Nino

  • Generally the hottest part of the Pacific Ocean is the area near the equator. Due to the rotation of the Earth, the winds present there flow from east to west. These winds push the hot water west towards Indonesia ie Indonesia.
  • By the way, the phenomenon of Al-Nino occurs in the Pacific region around the equator, but it has an effect on all the Earth-climate cycles.
  • Around 120 degrees east longitude, from the Indonesian region to 80 degrees West longitude, the Gulf of Mexico and the South American Peru coast, the whole region of the tropical Pacific Ocean al-Nino comes in the area.

The effect of al-Nino

  • With the influence of al-Nino, the ocean surface gets heated in the Pacific Ocean, which changes the way of the wind and the speed, due to which the weather cycle is badly affected.
  • Due to the change in weather, many places are drought, so many places are flooded. Its effect is felt throughout the world.
  • The year that Al-Nino’s activity increases, its impact on south-west monsoon certainly falls in that year. This results in heavy rainfall in some parts of the earth, and in some parts it also shows a severe drought.
  • Due to Al-Nino all over India, the condition of drought occurs, whereas, due to La-Nina, excessive rainfall occurs.

Source: The Hindu (Business Line) and Vision Input


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