Indians were craving to see this scene in the Maldivian capital Male. Prime Minister Narendra Modi was the state guest of the highest ranking in the oath taking ceremony of President Ibrahim Mohammed Solihah. During the swearing-in ceremony Modi was sitting between former president Mohamed Nasheed and Maumoon Abdul Gayoom. This view was touching every person who is familiar with the traditional relationship of India with the Maldives. It also included Chinese Culture and Tourism Minister Lu Shuang, but he was like a normal guest. Modi’s welcome welcome at Malé Airport was telling that conditions have changed completely.
Photos of the former President and friend of India, who were found to be friends of friends, including Mohammad Nasheed, were also pleasant. Indeed, these expressions of warmth were telling that the former rule has started to break the policy of non-coercion by excluding India from the Maldives and by making a replacement by China. Both President Salih and Nasheed and his Maldivian Democratic Party, India’s honest friendship and its free- Self-interests are supporters of cooperative behavior. After the swearing, both the Modi and the Solihay agree with respect to the concerns and feelings of each other and the extent to which the agreement agreed on maintaining peace and stability in this area of ​​the Indian Ocean is broad. President Salih made clear the picture by giving an indication of priority to India in relations. With the foolishness of former President Abdullah Yameen, the Maldives is trapped in China’s debt. They gave free access to China’s work.
The rough estimation is that China’s debt of about $ 1.5 billion will be on the Maldives. Solih said that it is not a complete account, debt can be more. It is not difficult to understand how big a loan it is for a country of 4 million people. The Solihay government has started work on the debt and restructuring of China. India can be the largest ally in this. It is in India’s interest that despite the difficulty, immediately give the financial assistance to the Maldives so that it can be liberated from Chinese debt pressure. In fact, Yameen was inactive and partly out of practice in India by this strategically important country. Yameen created a situation to stop India’s projects, contracts contracts to China, even contracts for generating electricity to Pakistan. Undisclosed restrictions were also imposed on the Free Trade Agreement with China and Work Visas for Indians. Countries such as the Maldives, Mauritius and Seychelles are helicopters, Petrol boat and satellite support have been part of India’s naval strategy in the Indian Ocean. Yameen was trying hard to eliminate it in his area.
Due to being the nearest country of the Indian Ocean region, it is an important place in India’s maritime zone, keeping security. Yemen handed over many islands to China. Their ships started going there unrestricted. Chinese ships and submarines have also put anchor there. Their decisions led to arousal in us. There was pressure on the government to do something there. The opposition parties of Maldives were also requesting India to intervene and overthrow the regime. Former President Mohammed Abdul Gayoom and Mohammed Nasheed, many times from India’s exile, have called for military intervention from India. Regardless, India did not believe in military intervention. In the foreign policy of Narendra Modi, Neighbor is the first major pillar of neighboring neighbors. Under this, he traveled to all neighboring countries. Not wanting to go to Maldives. The scheduled travel had to be canceled in 2015 due to adverse conditions. India has Gradually started working with the strategy for the Maldives. It was conveyed that India is with its supporters. Yameen canceled membership of 9 opposition MPs from Parliament When the Supreme Court gave the opposite verdict, the police surrounded the court.
After imposing emergency on February 5 in the country, they also locked inside the jail. India not only criticized the Emergency and the policy of suppressing opponents, but demanded that Mohammed Nasheed be recalled, release all political prisoners and restore the credibility of electoral and political process. India has not done direct intervention again. Indeed, while living peacefully in Nepal, India made every effort to make her farewell. Promoted globally that there can be no fair election under the current rule of the Maldives. With India actively, the United States and Britain issued a statement that if the fair elections are not held, the Maldives will be banned. This has raised the morale of opposition leaders of the Maldives and also among the public. Yameen came under pressure. India has unified the opposition parties, Those who combine alliance with Solihis as joint candidates. But despite the election results on September 24, Yameen was trying to stay in power.
India has shown its strength to this time. India explained them in good language that you summon the mandate or else we have to do something. China could not help all to stay in power, rejecting the mandate. India has the main role in bringing the political situation in the one-and-a-half month’s tussock. Now the message will go away from the Prime Minister’s visit that India stands with the new government. After Mohammad Nasheed returns home, his influence will remain on the government. Former President Gayoom will also be with India. The presence of National Security Advisor Ajit Doval with the Prime Minister is telling that decisions have been made on strategic relations. Because of Jinnah’s anti-India policies, many things need to be started with renewal, so many have to adapt to the new conditions. So we can see the prospect of a better phase again in the Maldive India relations.


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