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A rare bird called Srilankan Frogmouth has been observed in the Chinar Wildlife Sanctuary of Kerala, since it has been a matter of interest to theists. For the first time it has been seen in the Eastern Ghats of Western Ghats.

Sri Lankan Progammoth

  • This bird is related to the Batrachostomus Moniliger Species which has been seen in the Chinar Sanctuary.
  • Its house is usually confined to the western part of the forests of Western Ghats.
  • It is considered to be related to the evening and nocturnal birds breeding nightclubs in Europe and temperate Asia.
  • Its well-liked housing is dry and open areas where small quantities of small trees or shrubs are found.
  • Sri Lankan Progamouth usually relaxes on the branches of small trees during the day. Due to their peaceful presence it becomes difficult to look at them.
  • Like the nightjar bird, this bird eats insects and primarily seeks hunting at night.
  • The main feature of this bird is that after the April-May Mating season it gives the same egg in a year.
  • Its nest is made with the help of moss, lichen and soft plant leaves and tree bark.
  • Shortly after birth, the male bird breaks the nest and flies with the newborn bird.
  • According to the bird scientists, this bird has a unique dwelling in Sri Lanka, and it is also said that these sticks are also found in Bird Sanctuary.

Thattakad Bird Sanctury, Kerala

  1. ‘Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary’ is also known as Thattakad Bird Sanctuary.

  3. It is located in Kothamangalam taluk of Ernakulam district situated on the northern bank of Periyar river.

  5. Based on the recommendations of ‘Birdman of India’ Dr. Salim Ali, this Sanctuary was notified in 1983.

  7. Due to its not being recorded for quite a long time, this species was considered to be extinct from the state. But in 1976, it was seen again in a stampede.

  9. In addition to the stuttering of Bird Sanctuary in Kerala, the report has also been reported in Nelliamampathy, Chimmini, Parambakulam, Thenamala and Wayanad.

  11. This bird is also found in Karnataka, Goa and Maharashtra.

  12. Why in the discussion ?

    According to the latest edition of the Easy Access Report in the Business of the UK Business Council, recently released, the U.K. The perception among businessmen that corruption is a major hindrance in doing business in India, the number of people who believe this has decreased by half in comparison to the 2015 report.

    key points

    • It has been stated in the report that “Since the first report was issued, the number of companies seeing corruption as a major hurdle has seen a decline year after year.”
    • In 2015, the major hindrances of corruption were 51%, while in 34% in 2016 and about half or 25% in 2017.
    • This decline reflects a major improvement, which is a sign that the efforts of the current government to reduce corruption are appearing to give a tangible and more desirable result.
    • It has been stated in the report that during the four year period of this survey, compared to those currently doing business in India who are not currently active in India, as a major obstacle, ‘corruption’ Those who identify have fallen dramatically [27% drop in the last two years], where it is no longer seen as the top three obstacles. “
    • It has been said in the report that all the initiatives such as Aadhaar, electronic submission of official documents, acceptance of electronic signature and emphasis on taxing files online, have reduced face-to-face interactions, where corruption is most likely.
    • Although the expansion of digitization is clearly different in different areas, but people involved in infrastructure projects still complain about important issues related to corruption.
    • It has been said in the report that 36% of respondents have been marked by the issues of taxation and ‘price point’ by 29% as the main obstacles and both of these obstacles have left behind corruption.
    • However, the ratio of respondents who identified ‘taxation issues’ was 3% lower than 2017 in 2018, which indicates that businesses can start to adjust GST.
    • Presently, people doing business in India cite ‘taxation issues’ as a continuous obstacle, while those who are seeking entry into the Indian market from 2017 to 2018, ‘Legal and Regulatory Barriers’ have become a problem after ‘substantial decline’ The identity of the participant “as its most important issue.
    • The important issue for those people is the government and bureaucratic obstacles related to market demand for their products and services quickly.
    • However, most respondents agreed that the government’s ‘e-biz’ initiative, which was introduced for speedy approval, will improve the business environment. He also said that important complaints related to lack of transparency in respect of business approval, especially in the case of statutory clearance for investment remained.


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