Marxist historian Prof. Irfan Habib has sarcastically changed the name of Allahabad and Faizabad to Prayagraj and Ayodhya. He hoped that he would welcome it, but like the common leftists in Habib, the opposition of Hindu-consciousness is the most prominent one. Deletion of name imposed by foreign invaders and rulers has been happening in the whole world. Even the forced nomenclature made by the native rulers have also been changed. After the collapse of communism, in Leningrad in Russia, again St. Petersburg and Stalingrad became Volgograd. In cities of Central Asia and Eastern Europe, numerous cities, roads, name changes. In South Africa, more than one thousand places have been changed. These are not only cities, but also roads, airports, rivers, mountains, dams. There was a government commission called ‘South Africa Geographical Name Council’ on this subject. In fact Such names-changes have a deep cultural, political, practical, importance. Those who hurt people’s mind or make people confused, they should be changed. Or do not such names like Bakhtiyar Khilji, Muhammad Tughlaq, Babar, Aurangzeb or Dyer hurt the Indians? Tughlaq was an alien ruler who was notorious for his infinite cruelty. The complete list of the deeds of Babur and Aurangzeb is full of repressed, oppressed and humiliated Hindus. It is a double insult of India, adding to its names by such terrorists. Harassed and insulted is full of It is a double insult of India, adding to its names by such terrorists. Harassed and insulted is full of It is a double insult of India, adding to its names by such terrorists.
Pro. Buddhists like Habib ignore Hindu consciousness. They do the color of the history of Hindu history and the color of the Muslim history, so that according to the need of Islamic imperialism, it should be said to be part of our national history, but to keep a true, complete knowledge and understanding of Indian history is the most serious issue for the Hindus. Naming controversy should be seen in this context. Historian Sitaram Goyal has written that the only source of unity of Hindu religion-society is its history. History of the freedom movement, particularly fought against Islamic and British imperialists. For a long time, Hindus have lost consciousness of their spiritual center, which was earlier their society, Culture and life-style were one. If Hindus also lose consciousness of their history, then there will be no concrete thing to do. That is why anti-Hindu intellectuals have so badly seen our history. Fortunately, Hindus are still proud of their great past. He remembers the crisis period when centuries had to be fought hard and endlessly with foreign invasive squads. Those invaders massacred and massacred people, made slaves. In addition to imposing forceful conversion, he also imposed his own vandalism. Its bite is still to be fought today.
This same memory of history prevents the Hindu society from treating the herds, tigers, Bahamans, Sayyendes, Lodis and Mughals as the Desi Rulers. The Desi rulers here have been Maurya, Shung, Gupta, Chola, Mokhari, Pal, Rashtrakut, Yadav, Marathe, Sikh and Jat etc. Jaipal Shahi of Kabul, Prithviraj Chauhan of Delhi, Prithviraj Chauhan of Delhi, Jaychandra Hadwal of Delhi, Sinharde of Devgiri, Hailyhar of Andhra, Harihar of Bijna and Bukka and Krishnadevaraya, Maharana Say, Pratap, Shivaji, Banda Bahadur, Maharaja Surajmal and Ranjit Singh – all were patriots and libertarians. It is an attempt to break the Hindu consciousness, calling them ‘local soldiers who are fighting for personal interests’, which is a pro. Habib is like a Marciist historian for decades. Yet the Hindu society honors these heroes as warriors fighting against Islamic imperialism. This is the thing that creates problems for our Left, Ceyyllar, Islamic intellectuals. They are not ready to be proud of India before Islam or to respect the great warriors of the sect. They want that Hindus also consider India before Islam as ‘an era of darkness’.
At the same time, they also want Hindus to honor criminals like gangs, gangsters, mass murderers and insurgents like Muhammad bin Qasim, Mahmoud Ghaznavi, Muhammad Ghori, Allauddin Khilji, Muhammad Tughlaq, Sikandar Lodi, Babar, Aurangzeb and Ahmed Shah Abdali. Do it. They insist that Shah Waliullah, who tried to re-establish Islamic imperialism here, respected the separatists such as the Ali brothers or Hindus who murdered the Wahhabis, mopals or the country that would destroy the country, also honor Jinnah as a freedom fighter. Dispute over naming is not only the upper case. It is a part of the demand for continuous breaking of all Hindu consciousness in the field of culture. It not only hurts the self-esteem of India, but also makes our new generations ignorant and unconscious. On the most beautiful routes of the country’s capital Delhi, Tuglak, Lodi, Babar etc. have been named after countless Islamic invaders. While Vikramaditya, The names of unique monarchs, kings, warriors, such as Samudragupta, Krishnadevaraya, Rana Sanko, Hemchandra, Harihar, Buka, Rani Padmini, Gokula, Chandra Bardai, Alha-Uthal, are missing. They are unique in their personality and work. To deny Hindu new generations by their names and work, is a conscious effort to break Hindu society. Need a well-intentioned national policy towards naming cities, roads, buildings, projects etc. There should be a national commission which should change all such names under the relevant principles and decide the policy of the upcoming naming rules. Need a well-intentioned national policy towards the naming of projects etc. There should be a national commission which should change all such names under the relevant principles and decide the policy of the upcoming naming rules. Need a well-intentioned national policy towards the naming of projects etc. There should be a national commission which should change all such names under the relevant principles and decide the policy of the upcoming naming rules.
This time, at the ASEAN summit held in Singapore, India once again emerged as a strong nation. In addition to the trade and trade agreements with the ASEAN countries, remarkable achievement, peace and prosperity efforts in the Hind-Pacific region have got a little more force. The ASEAN organization includes Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Brunei and Laos as well as India, Australia, China, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, Russia and America. The purpose of this organization is to work together to get commerce, trade and peace. In its Summit, representatives of other countries also participate and seek the prospects of commerce-trade. But in addition to this, the conference prepares a strategy in terms of peace and tranquility. Most of its member countries belong to the Hind-Pacific region, Naturally, problems related to this area are discussed. The emphasis on keeping the Hind-Pacific region free is being given for the last ten years, but it has been seriously discussed in the ASEAN Summit for the last four years.
Apart from this, it has been taking place on many occasions and talks have been held between leaders of different countries. Indeed, the Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean and parts of the South China Sea are included in the Indo-Pacific region. Although China holds its right over the entire South China Sea. Under this, he has been continuously increasing his military activities in the Hind-Pacific region. But Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, Brunei have been opposing it. Due to China’s growing military activities in the Hind-Pacific region, India is also in danger. Anyway, China’s dispute with India on the land boundary is old. Again, for the past few years, its proximity to Pakistan has increased, its concern for India has increased. America, Japan and Australia are also concerned about these activities of China. Since India’s role in the Hind-Pacific region is important, these three countries continue to provide India with strength.
There is a proposal to create a separate organization of America, Japan, Australia and India to protect the interests of the Indo-Pacific region. In such a situation, once again the hopes of the United States Vice President Mike Pence and the Indian Prime Minister talk about the Hind-Pacific region. During the last month’s visit to Japan, the Prime Minister had also discussed the issue with the Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in the meeting. This issue was also significant in the negotiation of officials of India and US State Department officials in Singapore. If the pressure of India, America, Japan and Australia will be increased to free the Hind-Pacific region, then China will have to break its activities. Actually, the same country is considered to be the strongest in the world today, Which are financially rich. Therefore, no country would want to spoil its commercial-trade relationship with countries other than strategic clout. China needs a worldwide market, but it continues to try to push forward the geographical expansionist policies by the threat of its strategic strength. But in today’s situation, the strategy of showing friendship on the level of trade and strength on the border can not go together. Therefore, in the Hind-Pacific region, China has to change its position.


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