Indra Navy is a naval exercise organized between the navies of India and Russia.
  • The 10th edition of this naval exercise is being organized from December 9 to December, 2018.
  • This exercise will be organized in two phases.
  • The first phase of this exercise will be held on Visakhapatnam coast between 9-12 December and the second phase will be organized in the Bay of Bengal till 13-16 December.
  • This exercise was first organized in 2003.

Avia Indra – 18

Avia-Indra is a special exercise between the Indian Air Force and the Russian Federation Aerospace Force- RFSAF, which will be operated between Jodhpur from Air Force Station between December 10-21, 2018 .
  • From 17th to 28th September, 2018, the first session of half yearly Air Force exercise Avia Indra-18between the Air Force of India and Russia Union was organized in Lipetsk, Russia.
  • This exercise was started in the year 2014 between the air force between India and Russia.

First international conference on sustainable water management

First International Conference on sustainable water management in the context of National Water Resources, Ministry of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation, National Water Development Project Indian School of Business (ISB) ) Is being organized on December 10-11, 2018.
  • The contents of the conference are related to promoting integrated and sustainable development and management of water resources.
  • The objective of the conference is to promote participation and dialogue among various stakeholders including governments, scientists and academic communities for the following tasks:
• To promote sustainable policies for management. 
• To raise awareness of water related problems. 
• To motivate commitments at the best level to solve water related problems. 
• To promote better management of water resources at local, regional, national and international levels with the help of above all works.
  • Many experts and delegates from renowned organizations from other countries like India and Australia, UK, USA, Spain, Netherlands, Korea Republic, Canada, Germany, Sri Lanka etc will participate in the event and experience in the use of state-of-the-art technology for sustainable development of water resources. And share expertise.

Kannur International Airport

Kannur International Airport was inaugurated on December 9, 2018 .
  • This is the fourth international airport in Kerala The other three international airports in Kerala are at Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi and Kozhikode .
  • With the inauguration of this airport, Kerala has become the first state in the country to have four international airports.

About Kannur

  • Kannur , also known as Cannanore , is a beautiful city located in the northern part of Kerala state of India.
  • It is the coastal city of Kannur and is the largest city in the northern region of Kerala, which includes many towns and villages including Thalassari city (it was called Thelichery during the colonial period ) , this city has its historical importance For Kerala, the first heritage city was given status.
  • Due to its natural beauty, Kannur was often known as ‘Crown of Kerala’ . It is surrounded by Western Ghats in the east, Kozhikode and Wayanad districts in the south, Lakshadweep Sea in the west and Kasargod in the north.
  • It is also called City of Looms and Lores due to Folk Dance Thayyam, which is being held in the handloom industries and temples working in the city .

International Human Rights Day

Every year on December 10, International Human Rights Day is celebrated.
  • On this day in 1948 , the United Nations General Assembly had declared universal human rights.
  • This year, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights has completed 70 years.
  • The Human Rights Day theme for the year 2018 is “Stand up for Human Rights” .
  • The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is the most translated document in the world which is available in more than 500 languages .

Sonpur Fair

Sonpur Animal Mela is organized every year on the day of Kartik Purnima, at the confluence of Ganga and Gandak river in Sonpur, Bihar.
  • It is also called the Harihar Kshetra Mela . This fair attracts visitors from all over Asia.
  • It is Asia’s largest animal fair that runs from fifteen days to one month.
  • If you talk about the history of this fair, it is believed that the fair has been organized since ancient times. At that time Chandragupta Maurya (340-297 BC) used to buy elephants and horses from across the river Ganges.
  • Originally the venue of this fair was Hajipur and only the worship was organized in the Hariharanath temple of Sonpur .
  • But during the reign of Mughal emperor Aurangzeb , the venue of the fair was shifted from Hajipur to Sonapur.

Yellow West Protest

Famous Country France for tourism all over the world has been the subject of discussion this time. This time this country is not in tourism but in the discussion due to ongoing protests.
  • The name of this protests in Frón is the Yellow Vest Movement , which started on November 17, 2018.
  • The reason for this movement is the rising prices of petrol and diesel. It is worth noting that in the last 12 months in France, the price of diesel has increased by more than 23 percent. However, the global price of oil keeps rising but the people of France did not get relief from it because the government there increased hydrocarbon tax on oil.
  • The yellow jacket is worn in terms of safety because this bright color attracts attention quickly. Frances protesters chose this jacket because they could attract government attention to their demands and problems.
  • The characteristic of this movement is that it has no special leader.
  • December 10: Every year on December 10, International Human Rights Day is celebrated to make people aware about human rights; On December 10, 1948, the United Nations General Assembly announced the first ever International Human Rights Day by issuing the World Human Rights Declaration; Human rights law came into force in India from September 28, 1993; Government constitutes ‘National Human Rights Commission’ on October 12, 1993
  • According to a report by the United Nations agency International Telecommunication Union (ITU), by the end of this year, the internet will reach half the population (51.2%); About 3.9 billion people worldwide are using the Internet; According to TRAI statistics, by December 2017, the total Internet user in India was 44.59 million; According to an estimate, this figure will be more than 50 million by the end of 2018
  • The arrival of International Airport in Kurnur, Kerala on December 9; With this, Kerala has become India’s first state, where there are four international airports; This is the fourth international airport in Kerala after Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi and Kozhikode
  • Country’s first underwater museum to be built in Puducherry; Navy ship INS Cuddalore will be given the look of the museum; This ship will be dipped in the sea and it will be excavated in the sea; National Institute of Ocean Technology and National Center for Coastal Research will work together on the project
  • The beginning of the second phase of the joint air military exercise AVIAINDRA between India and Russia; Organizing the Air Force Center in Jodhpur from December 10 to 21; The first stage of this exercise was held in Lipetsk, Russia from 17 to 28 September; Contains counter-insurgency operations in the bilateral scenario
  • The first international conference on ‘sustainable water management’ in the auspices of National Hydro Power Project in Mohali; Sustainable Water Management is its theme; Participated by specialists and delegates from India, Australia, UK, USA, Spain, Netherlands, South Korea, Canada, Germany, Sri Lanka etc.
  • India is preparing to form a global drone coalition on the basis of the International Solar Coalition; Members of this coalition will accept the rules made by the country for the drone; On December 1, the Civil Aviation Ministry has started the ‘Digital Sky’ portal for drone operators in the country.
  • China launched the Chang E4 Yan to gather information about the unseen part of the Moon; This launch was carried out from the Shichang satellite launch center located in the Sichuan province of China through the Long March-3 rocket; Chang E-4 will reveal the secrets of that part of the Moon, where no yan has yet been
  • Prathamesh Maulingkar of Goa won the title of ‘Mr. Supernational’ 2018. The third season of this competition was organized in Poland; Prathamesh is the first Indian and Asian to win this title; He defeated 37 participants in the final phase; This is a kind of modeling contest.
  • Mexico’s Vanessa Pons won the Miss World 2018 title; Manishi Chillar of Miss World India, crowned by Vonisa Pons, crowned the 2017 competition in Sanya City, China; India’s representation in the competition was done by India’s Reform Vas, who could not make the place in top-12
  • Team India triumphed on Australia’s Test match 11 years later; India won by 31 runs in the first match played in Adelaide in the 4 test matches; In this match, wicketkeeper Rishabh Pant equaled the record of England’s Jack Russell and AB de Villiers of South Africa with a total of 11 catches; Team India had earlier defeated Australia by 72 runs in Perth Test (2007-2008) under the captaincy of Anil Kumble.
  • After long interrogation between the Reserve Bank and the Central Government, the Governor of the bank Urjit Patel resigns; The situation of confrontation between the Reserve Bank and the Central Government was made on the issue of autonomy of the central bank in the past; The demand of Rs 3.60 lakh crores by the Indian government was to be made by the Reserve Bank, which was opposed by the bank; In September 2016, Raghuram Rajan became the 24th Governor of the bank for three years. Urjit Patel



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