India, which has already joined the club of top 100 countries in the business facilitation ranking, has reached 77th place in the list of 2019. In this way, in just two years, India has made a long jump of 53 places in this beauty contest. Even if you have a suspicious attitude about the truth of the whole exercise, this progress tells a surprise of Raisina Hill’s focus. A section of the media has presented this progress as an achievement. An alternative reality test of this.
Tourism among all the businesses is an area which shows that how good is any country as a business investment destination? Due to its nature, tourism encompasses all the norms that are also included in the estimation of the Business Facilitation Index. If you ask the businessman who intends to open the hotel, what will he have to do to get his business done? Tourism business also includes universal elements such as culture, cleanliness, security, public architecture. All these aspects create the business environment of the business in any country.
If you look at this view, how is India performing? When you combine the World Bank’s business facilitation ranking with the World Tourism Organization data, the answer that comes in front is disappointing and the hope also emerges. According to the World Tourism Organization, the ten most popular tourist destinations are in Europe, America and Asia. But despite its infinite and singular variations, India is not included in this list. Even India is not present in five top tourist destinations of Asia. It was also ranked seventh in the history of China, Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Juegai as well as the famous Macau.
The interesting aspect is that in the case of attracting tourists, the countries present at the top 10 places are also in the next line of business facilitation rankings. Except for Italy (51st) and Malaysia (54th), the rest of the top tourism activities are within the top 50 in the business facilitation ranking. In terms of tourism destinations, India has the least number of business facilitation ranking among the top 10 Asian countries. Indonesia, ranked only at the 73rd position, is a bit closer to the ranking of India. Two of the top 10 destinations in Asia- Singapore and South Korea are also among the first five countries in business facilitation rankings. Singapore is ranked second in the business facilitation ranking and South Korea is fifth in the rankings.
It is not good for the Indians who are equally inclined to compare China with China that China is the world’s top ranking and the world’s fourth largest tourist destination. China is also ranked 46th in the Business Accessibility Rankings. Last year about 6.1 million tourists went to China, while the number of tourists coming to India was about 1.55 crore. However, considering the large number of migrants both China and India, this number of tourists need amendment. The capital of both China and India is notorious across the world due to its polluted air, but the number of tourists going to Beijing is much higher than the tourists coming to Delhi.
The disappointing thing is that India can be involved in the next line of both tourism and business facilitation, the main source of foreign exchange mobilization. In terms of tourists’ arrival, France, Italy and Spain count in some of the world’s most vulgar and defunct waiting staff. China, Thailand and South Korea are still lagging behind the leading language of global communication in English. Due to the adverse effect of breaksite, most Europeans refrain from speaking English. On the contrary, Indians living in foreign countries have the quality of domestic hospitality at every level.
The major difference between these countries and India is the public safety and public infrastructure. Despite linguistic constraints, it is quite possible for traveling in Western Europe and South-East Asia using public transport without the risk of any tampering and infection risk. In these countries it is possible to visit single tourist destinations for women alone, and during this time they are not afraid to face frequent crossing, molestation or even worse situation. These are some of the criteria that are taken lightly. In India, they are considered privileged and for this reason we are not even tired of talking about our world-class airports. This aspect also matters when foreign companies make a decision about investing.
It is true that India is at tenth place in attracting foreign exchange flows. This fact is quite significant for the expansion of business, especially for the tourism industry capable of providing large scale employment. India is the third Asian country in this ranking, except China (second) and Singapore (eighth). In the beginning of busy tourism season, this fact exposes the long-standing competitiveness of India. This imbalance imbalances between the expectations and capabilities of the private sector and the position of public services.
“We are from CBI … the real ones” This dialogue has been taken from Neeraj Pandey’s finest movie Special 26, which is said in the film, actor Manoj Bajpayee, playing the role of CBI inspector Wasim Khan, said. He had to claim to be a real person because there was also a group of thugs led by Akshay Kumar who used to be a CBI and raided the rich and used to take money. These days there are really such situations in the Supreme Court. Two groups led by two top officials of the CBI are telling themselves real and others are fake. In this case, the government is also with one side, the Chief Vigilance Commissioner is not able to reach any decision because he is also a retired judge. Not only this, everyone is in the eyes of the most formidable social workers and advocates of the country.
That’s because someone does not believe in anyone. All are keeping an eye on each other. In such a situation, what is happening is what bureaucracy does. Time is being cut. If according to our tradition, the date of the date is continuing, the term of the current CBI director will end in January. After that, the farewell to number two and the search for the new CBI chief started. Anecdotes Meanwhile, our top anti-corruption body will remain paralyzed. His top executives will continue to make public information against each other. My associate Ananya Bharadwaj has given it the name of the Central Bureau of Inactivity. The name of the caretaker director is also not beyond doubt.
Taking advantage of these circumstances, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu has said that the CBI will not investigate matters of his state. Mamata Banerjee has also supported her. In the coming days, many other states and opposition leaders facing investigation can make their defense. Such a constitutional crisis may arise. It is not right to blame the courts. They are trying to do something for two decades. I will not blame the reduction in CBI reforms. As we can see, the problems of CBI have become such that courts, government or social workers can not clean it. Indian Police Service Officer
This is because good people and institutions have worked on it for over two decades, saved it and now it has become a wild animal which can not be spoken in words. Who was once described as a parrot in a cage, has made our politics hostage from the 1990s (remembering the hawala scandal), it has played a role in spoiling and promoting the career of all the politicians. LK Advani (Jain Hawala), PV Narasimha Rao (JMM), A Raja (2G) and Dayanidhi Maran (telephone exchange case) etc. were all acquitted. In the meantime, without its evidence, Scandal’s tendency also damaged our economy.
He played with the Government of India in every round. The case of Bofors, such as the need to raise and pressurize, is an example. There was no punishment in this process and now all the accused in that case have also died. The Jain Hawala case and the 2G spectrum case could not be tampered despite the direct supervision of the Supreme Court. The court repeatedly intervened to make it right, free and fair, its director was given a fixed term of two years, a three-member government committee was formed for the candidate selection and later the Chief Vigilance Commissioner, A more independent system was established with the help of Leader of the Opposition and Chief Justice of the country. This is the only official appointment in the entire government system in which the Chief Justice of the country has been included. It can be judged by how serious the CBI has been taking. But the results achieved by this do not justify this seriousness.
The weak CBI was so bad, the strong CBI proved to be bad. Even if a scholar wishes, the government can do a PhD on the misuse of CBI even during the tenure of the appointed directors under the new system in judicial surveillance. Remember how when the UPA Government had to face the confidence vote in the Parliament, on the front pages of the newspapers, the proceedings of progress in the investigation against Mulayam Singh Yadav and Mayawati started coming out. Once voting, these tales also became cold.
In Gujarat it was used similarly against Narendra Modi, Amit Shah and his loyal police officers. Even in Ishrat Jahan case, a top intelligence bureau officer was dragged. Regardless of your view on this matter, what is important is that what happened? Keeping the case moving. The agency chief said that the UPA was weakening. With the arrival of Modi, the case went to a cold shelter. Keep in mind that when Chandrababu Naidu was a BJP ally, the CBI made matters of its primary priority against his political opponent YS Jaganmohan Reddy. They started at the time when the UPA was ruling and they were getting away from the Congress. today, Naidu is away from the BJP and is close to the Congress, while Reddy is heading towards becoming a BJP ally, all the cases have been forgotten. Earlier, the CBI was not allowing them to come out on bail and now all the cases are getting stalled. He has become a good person. Naidu’s concern is justified that now his turn can come.
One reason behind the failure of every attempt to reform the CBI is that there is no room for improvement in its design. Delhi-based midwifery bureaucrat BK Bansal and his family made a mass suicide because they could not face the CBI inquiry. If any police force has such power, especially in a system where the judiciary works so slow and it takes so much time to be punished, there is a special need of institutional discipline in the force like CBI.
Courts and social workers have done the opposite work and politicians have taken advantage of it. In his first historical order in the Vineet Narayan case, the Supreme Court not only extended the term of the CBI power and its chief but also said that every case in which the accused is being acquitted, should be examined by an advocate of the panel and accountability To be done If there is any deficiency, then there is a case of lack of service against the concerned officer. Clearly, nothing happened because politicians picked up things of their choice from the court order and took advantage of them.
Not surprisingly, three out of the four of the CBI are facing allegations of corruption. Two of these were appointed in the new system under Lokpal Law 2013 where the Chief Justice of the country is also in the role of selection. There is no guarantee that the next director will be better than the last. There is no shortage of rights in this office and accountability is very low. Only such superman in such a turbulent institutional framework can claim to be the real CBI.


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