Hornbill Festival

The Hornbill Festival is organized every year on the occasion of the establishment day of the State of Nagaland (December 1, 1963). This time the 19th Hornbill Festival is being organized in the state.
  • This cultural festival is an artistic exhibition of dance, music and food as well as the rich culture and traditions of the Naga community adopted for years, which reflects the diversity of Naga Samaj.
  • The purpose of this festival is to revive and enrich the Nagaland culture and to show its traditions as well.
  • This festival is organized by the State Tourism and Art and Culture Ministry.
  • For the first time this festival was organized in the year 2000.

About Nagaland

  • The state of Nagaland was formally formed on December 1, 1963 as the 16th state of the Indian Union. It is surrounded by Assam in the west, Myanmar (Burma) in the east, Arunachal Pradesh in the north and parts of Assam and Manipur in the south.
  • Its capital is Kohima. The official language of the state is English (English).
  • There are 16 major tribes and their sub-tribes reside in the state. Each tribe is different from each other in terms of custom, language and costume.

Armed Forces Flag Day – 2018 (Armed Forces Flag Day – 2018)

Since 1949, on December 07, the Armed Forces have been celebrated as Flag Day to honor the martyrs along with the uniformed men and women, who bravely fight the boundaries to protect the honor of the country. So in order for ex-servicemen and welfare of their families from 1 to ensure full country supports 7 Disnbr Armed Forces Week is being held (Armed Forces Week).
  • This is an important opportunity to remind the country’s obligation to look after the former soldiers, the valiant soldiers, the widows of the soldiers killed in the war, and the dependents of those who left their lives for the protection, respect and integrity of the motherland. is.
  • ‘Armed forces Flag Day Fund-AFFDF’ has been formed by the Government of India for the welfare and rehabilitation of ex-servicemen-ESM community.
  • There are 30 lakh ESMs, including 6.5 lakh widows in the country, in which nearly 60,000 ESMs are added every year due to pre-retirement.
  • The purpose of this campaign is to create awareness about Armed Forces flag day fund and encourage people to contribute generously.

International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Every year on December 3, it is celebrated as International Disabled Day.
  • This year, International Divya Day theme is – Empowering people with disabilities and equality.

Key facts

  • This day was celebrated in the year 1992.
  • According to the United Nations, the whole world population is 7 billion, out of which 1 billion people suffer from some form of disability. That is, one in seven out of every 7 people is Divyaang.
  • Over 100 million children are included in the total global population of the people of Divya
  • The possibility of suffering from the violence of Divyang children is four times more than the inefficient children.
  • 80% of the total Divyangi population live in developing countries.
  • 50 percent of those who are not able to afford health services.
  • 177 countries have confirmed the conference on the rights of persons with disabilities.

Divya Jan in India

  • According to the census of 2011, the population of Divya people in India is 2.68 million, which is 2.21 percent of the total population of the country.
  • Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (Divyangjan) works for the empowerment of the Belgian people.
  • Talanoa talks were started in 2017 in the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP-23) held in Bonn, Germany,  which is being organized throughout the year 2018. .
    • Talanoa is a traditional term that is used to reflect the process of inclusive, interactive and transparent conversation in the Fiji and Pacific region.
    • Talanoa’s aim is to share stories, to sympathize and make wise decisions for the collective interest.
    • The process of Talanoa involves sharing thoughts, skills and experiences through the story.
    • A new record created by the country’s most modern T-18 train; Second trial on Kota-Sawai Madhopur route; The speed of 180 km / h
    • Bilateral meeting between India and China in Buenos Aires; China ready to import imports from India but refuses to do business in rupees
    • Talks on ways to combat terrorism at the G20 summit; Indian Prime Ministers and European Union leaders are included
    • G20 summit held in Argentina succeeded; India will host 2022 conference
    • 12-day military exercises are going to be done by India and US air force; To organize X-Cope India-18  on December 3 at Kalikunda and Panagarh airports in West Bengal
    • Government will bear the cost of education of Divyang children; Instructions given by HRD Ministry to schools
    • The beginning of the United Nations Climate Conference in Kotwas, Poland; Expected to run this conference till December 14
    • Government constitutes 6-member panel to sell 149 oil and gas fields
    • Sunil Arora, former IAS officer of the 1980-batch Rajasthan-cadre, took charge as Chief Election Commissioner
    • India launches online digital Sky platform for drone; Now the flight of Nano drone will be valid; While accepting approval from the online digital Sky Platform for Micro and Large Drones
    • Trade war between US and China; Consent made to not charge any new fee for 90 days
    • The 13th edition of CII Agro Tech India-2018 is being organized in Chandigarh; This program will run from 1 to 4 December 2018


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